does anyone want them?

i'm leaving, don't know what to do with them.


A series about HOME

10 handmade booklets, 10 different key cutouts.

size/ 130mm*102mm*5mm
paper weight/ cover 350 gsm, pages 160 gsm
amount/ 10

size/ A3 & A4
paper weight/ 160 gsm
amount/ 10 of each size

A very small part of my very huge project which never seems to end... anyway just made the books and mini posters for the last market trading day. A way to bid farewell x


This Sunday

Hey guys! I'll be popping up at brick lane Sunday Upmarket raised level area this Sunday(17/4) doing some clear out selling of my works. So please please drop by to say HI if you're around!!Tell me you know me/once checked out my blog/dreamt about me in your nightmare/or whatsoever just make a sound to show you're not only an ordinary passerby, then I'll sell the works at any price you wish, haha how brilliant is that!!

See you then :)

Lala x

Basically I'm clearing out my suitcase; my goal is bringing an empty suitcase home in the end of that day. You can do me big favor simply just take some of them home with you!



all the small things

the 3rd stage
(but i skipped the 2nd stage before this...)


etc. etc.

been lazy for updating for ages, sorry.
finished the buildings(part of my mysterious personal project..)weeks ago.
now i'm working on the second stage, which is a really difficult one for me...
anyway wish me luck!x

my London homes(aka gig venues)

layout testing (just testing!!)



every year we go seaside


I shall be telling this with a sigh
somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

-Robert Frost (1874 – 1963)


things to do in winter

1. Draw lots of buildings
still have looots to go....

2. Light box in the room
Cut 2 strip holes in the back board of a deep frame then place a lamp behind it, done!



i still like drawing without drafting beforehand
all the flaws are freedom

ps. white ink is so cool!


my diseases

The eye felt hummingbird when I walked under the tree canopy.

The jaw invited a percussion band to join my cold dinner party.

The wrist has been filled up with jelly beans since that drizzling Wednesday.

There is an ocean within me.


for Matthew

Paris Fashion Week profile image



"Feeling special is the worst kind of cage that a person can build."

《The Solitude of Prime Numbers》


i realised it's not my language problem
it's the thing used to be in my head

i'm already empty inside now


room x


this orient


House of Maffia Lookbook

not very happy with the catalogue photo shoot to be frank...

//but H.O.M. people are really sweet tho!



June 09 sketches

I started to (learn how to) draw with dip pen&ink from June last year.

Some photos of those A3 size drawings I did at that time(they are too big to scan.)
Rubbish doodles....I guess they can just be concluded as a story about a psycho girl.....(yeh yeh yeh they are literally based on my childhood)

pet history

so I don't usually listen to twee..

primary school
primary school
still primary school
all my life...

memory of the after school class when I was in kindergarten; I always sat alone on the stairs in the dark, peeping older kids taking abacus calculation class or something....